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Be sure to browse the website to see our upcoming events or to purchase some new apparel. Current Player or Parent? Be sure to visit your team page to stay up to date with training and game schedules as well as purchase uniforms in the uniform and apparel section of the site...

2015 Membership:

Reminder that 2015 Membership Fees are due! Highlighted below is a membership form for you to fill out and return.  Please be sure to fill out your name, home address with city and zip code, and e-mail address.  In addition, please indicate on the form whether this is a renewal of your membership.  Please make 2015 membership checks payable to “SCD Concordia” for $20.00.  ***  Please note:  Adult SCD Concordia players must pay $30.00 for 2015***.  
   2015 EVENTS and FUNDRAISERS:                                                                 
• Sun.Jan.25 @ 1pm = Annual SCD Meeting
• Sat.May.2 @ 6pm – Reverse Raffle
• Sat & Sun.May.23 & 24 – Annual Donauschwaben Memorial Day Tournament in Akron
• Starting Friday, June 5 - 7 v 7 Adult Leagues
• July (TBD)  – Steak Roast (Pavilion)
• Sat.Nov.14 – Night at the Races
Please visit our events page for additional information:  Click Here
Thank-you for your continued support! For additional information or questions please contact us at: info@concordiasoccerclub.com

Mercy Health Partnership:

Concordia is proud to announce a new partnership with Mercy Health Sports Medicine that will benefit our athletes in the treatment and prevention of sports injuries. Thank you to all of the parents that attended the meetings, I think you found the information was valuable.

We will continue to post information on our website for your benefit as well as email everyone important information on general health, nutrition, injury prevention, rehab, and more!

For additional information or questions please contact us at: info@concordiasoccerclub.com

Winter Session II:

Happy New Year from Concordia Soccer Club! Reminder to youth members that Winter Session II begins this week. Be sure to check your team page and calendar for scheduled training sessions and games.

Please note that both the GK1 Academy Training and T3 Performance Training will resume this session. The GK1 Academy schedule can be found on the calendar under the EVENTS tab. T3 Performance Training will start in February with each team's scheduled time and location listed on their team page calendar.

For additional information or questions please contact us at: info@concordiasoccerclub.com


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